The NCE Cities research studies and the NCE report, ‘Better Growth, Better Climate’ is available to download. The report recommends that in order to create better growth and a safer climate, action should focus on three key economic systems: Cities, Land Use and Energy; and three drivers of change: Resource Efficiency, Infrastructure Investment and Innovation. […]

Leading and emerging urbanists from around the world contribute over 20 new texts to the Urban Age newspaper on Governing Urban Futures. Essays by Richard Sennett  on ‘ Coping with Disorder ’, Ananya Roy on ‘ The Land Question ’, Gerald Frug on ‘ Who decides ’ and Saskia Sassen on ‘ Who owns the City? ’ accompany research-based papers by Austin Zeiderman on ‘ Fluid Futures ’ in Colombia, Sobie Kaker […]

There are 67 cities with over 500,000 people in India; 32% of the population today live in towns and cities but only occupy 1% of the nation’s geographical surface. By contrast in Europe there are 128 cities over 500,000, where 73% or the population are urbanised occupying 3% of the continent’s surface. Sub-Saharan Africa and […]