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  • Gerald Frug - photo

    Gerald Frug

    Louis D. Brandeis Professor of Law, Harvard University

    Gerald Frug is the Louis D. Brandeis Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Educated at the University of California at Berkeley and Harvard Law School, he worked as a Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in Washington, DC, and as Health Services Administrator of the City of New York. In 1974 he began teaching at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, before joining the Harvard law faculty in 1981. Jerry’s specialty is local government law. He has published dozens of articles on the topic and is the author, among other works, of a casebook on Local Government Law, 5th edition (with Richard Ford and David Barron, 2010), City Bound: How States Stifle Urban Innovation (with David Barron 2008), Dispelling the Myth of Home Rule (with David Barron and Rick Su, 2004), and City Making: Building Communities without Building Walls, (1999).

  • Laura Lima - photo

    Laura Lima

    PhD in International Politics, Aberystwyth University

    Laura Lima holds a PhD in International Politics from Aberystwyth University. Her thesis will be published in early 2014 under the title Worlding Brazil: Intellectuals, Identity and Security (Routledge). She has three MA degrees (International History, Management in Human Rights, and International Politics) and a BA in History. She was in the first group to receive a Scholarship-Award for Afro-descendants with Vocation to Diplomacy from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations.

    She holds a postdoctoral research fellowship in the ‘Drugs, Security and Democracy’ Program of the New York-based Social Science Research Council. Her current research is bringing together her academic experience and her NGO/activist background in the project Securing the City: Gender Mainstreaming in Urban Governance Programmes in Drug-Affected Communities in the Global South (1994-2014). Her aim is to conduct a comparative analysis of gender mainstreaming in urban governance programmes in Brazil and South Africa.  By triangulating experiences and ‘lessons-learned’, her work seeks to contribute to public policy by providing more critical avenues for gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment in drug-affected communities.

  • Neil Reeder - photo

    Neil Reeder

    MSc (Econ) MSc (Econ)

    LSE Cities visiting fellow, LSE Cities, London School of Economics and Political Science

    Neil Reeder specialises in social investment and public service economics and works at LSE Cities on a project sponsored by the European Investment Bank on reviewing and developing ways to assess the wider social and environmental outcomes of social investments.

    A Fellow of the Young Foundation, he previously headed their Preventative Investment Programme, spanning research on agendas from public health to homelessness in the UK and overseas. In other roles, as a civil servant he led work on local government transformation and efficiency at the Department for Communities and Local Government; directed analysis for the Gershon Review of efficiency in public services at HM Treasury; and project managed the Department of Trade and Industry’s preliminary assessment of the effect of European Monetary Union on British industry.

    He has masters degrees in Economics and Operational Research from the London School of Economics.

    Research projects
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