LSE blog Urban Vignettes announces call for contributions

17 July 2014

Urban Vignettes is a collaborative visual-based blog capturing the different ways people experience, negotiate and engage with city life as the world undergoes the largest wave of urban growth in history. Through photos, illustrations, visuals and words, our contributors showcase across the globe what it means to live and make sense of the cities they call home.

Urban Vignettes is calling for contributions. For information please visit the website:

Urban Vignettes is supported by urban@lse and is run by a group of postgraduate students at the London School of Economics and Political Science.




The blog itself is funded by Urban@LSE and this year I am helping out as a Collaborative Editor.

LSE Cities’ Priya Shankar at Handmade Urbanism seminar in Delhi

9 July 2014

LSE Cities’ Priya Shankar is part of Handmade Urbanism: Exploring grassroots initiatives in cities, a panel discussion in Delhi on 10 July 2014. The panel discussion will be based on the book co-edited by Marcos L. Rosa and Ute E. Weiland and published by Jovis (2013) that explores the experiences of participatory urban projects in Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Mexico City and Cape Town. The discussion will examine the role that grassroots initiatives can play in cities in the developing world, especially in the context of rapid urbanization.

LSE Cities launches New Urban Governance Research project

‘New Urban Governance: Urban complexity and institutional capacities of cities’ is a new two-year LSE Cities research project co-funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to examine multiple aspects of municipal planning, management, and governance. The project’s focus will be on ‘new urban governance’, a working title that refers to currently emerging governance regimes in cities triggered by a historic conjuncture of the ongoing devolution of decision making powers to cities on the one hand and unprecedented urban challenges on the other. The overall goal of this project is to establish a solid perspective of the need, potential focus and feasibility of urban governance-related research to help elucidate and address the complex and interconnected challenges faced by cities around the world.

Ricky Burdett at Transforming Cities, Transforming Lives

1 July 2014

Ricky Burdett presented at the British Embassy in Paris in Paris on Thursday 3 July.

The event, Transforming Cities, Transforming Lives, brought together UK and French urbanists, community leaders, academics, business representatives and thought-leaders to further explore the factors that inform the creation of today’s cities. Three concurrent workshops examined the subjects of Community, Enterprise and Sustainability, discussing and comparing different approaches to these areas.