Istanbul: City of Intersections

Feature essays from local and international experts paired with extensive research on the social, economic and physical contours of Istanbul document and analyse the region’s major urban trends. Framing essays detail global mobilities, the green economy and hinge cities, while a detailed focus on Istanbul brings its urban growth into perspective with global trends to reframe how one of Europe’s largest and most dynamic cities is understood.

Understanding cities

The City Too Big to Fail

Fabio Casiroli, Deyan Sudjic

The Immutable Intersection of Vast Mobilities

Saskia Sassen

Green Economy for an Urban Age

Pavan Sukhdev

City Making as Climate Policy

Philipp Rode

Istanbul within a Europe of Cities

Richard Sennett

It's Istanbul (Not Globalisation)

Hashim Sarkis

Cities in Modern Turkey

Ilhan Tekeli

Understanding Istanbul

Deciphering Istanbul

Ömer Kanıpak

Istanbul in a Global Context

Çağlar Keyder

Local Governance in Istanbul

Sema Erder

Is There a Road Ahead?

Haluk Gerçek

Istanbul's Choice: Openness

Asu Aksoy

Istanbul's Gecekondus

Orhan Esen


Tolga İslam

Urban Spaces In and Around Istanbul

Murat Güvenç, Eda Ünlü-Yücesoy

Istanbul's Spatial Dynamics

Kees Christiaanse, Mark Michaeli, Tim Rieniets

Arkitera Spatial Study: Proactive Actions

Ömer Kanıpak


Ömer Çavuşoğlu