Guardian Cities Quiz uses Urban Age density diagrams

Can you identify 10 world cities from their density maps alone? Test your urban knowledge with the new Guardian Cities Quiz using LSE Cities data visualisations. Developed as part of the Urban Age research programme density diagrams show the number of people living in each square kilometre of a 100km by 100km urban region. Residential density measures how […]

Nuno da Cruz to speak at research seminar on the quality of local democracy

Nuno F. da Cruz, Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at LSE Cities, will deliver a talk entitled ‘The quality of local democracy: an institutional analysis’ on 11 March 2019 at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Jointly hosted by Pompeu Fabra University and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) the research seminar explores the following key question: ‘The Implementation of Transparency Policy at the […]