Paper by LSE Cities Nuno Ferreira da Cruz published in Policy Studies

Nuno Ferreira da Cruz and colleagues have published a paper entitled ‘ Structuring composite local governance indicators ’ in the journal Policy Studies. The authors argue that using a multi-criteria model which employs several objective (quantitative and qualitative) indicators and relies on a participatory method to aggregate them is a suitable way of developing sensible Local Governance Indicators.

Urban Age ‘Shaping Cities’ conference videos now available

On July 14-15, the Urban Age “Shaping Cities” conference brought over 40 speakers from 25 cities to Venice. During the conference, mayors, planners, architects, academics and commentators grappled with one of the dominant questions of an increasingly urban 21st century: How are cities shaped? A Conference Summary is available , however, particular points of interest included: – behind the global statistics there are far more nuanced, […]