UrbanNext features Ricky Burdett and Philipp Rode in new video.

In a new video produced by UrbanNext , Ricky Burdett, Urban Age and LSE Cities Director, and Philipp Rode, LSE Cities Executive Director discuss findings from LSE Cities’ recent book Shaping Cities in an Urban Age. “One of the reasons why we have an accelerated conversation around global urbanisation goes back to a rather artificial shift, which some people argue happened in 2007, others 2008, which is the […]

LSE Cities publishes new paper in the Journal of the British Academy

LSE Cities has published a new paper titled “Understanding infrastructure interfaces: common ground for interdisciplinary urban research?”. This article was written by Jo Beall, Zegeye Cherenet, Liza Cirolia, Nuno da Cruz, Susan Parnell, and Philipp Rode as part of the  Governing Infrastructure Interfaces  research project. It is featured in the newest issue of the  Journal of the British Academy,  edited by Caroline Knowles […]