Mellon Fellowship

The Mellon Fellowship Programme at LSE in Cities and the Humanities

The intellectual objective of the Fellowship is to provide those working in the humanities with a meaningful way of connecting with the study of urban life, and to open up new avenues for practical collaboration and intellectual exchange between the humanities and urbanism. Spending nine months at LSE Cities, the Mellon Fellow will develop his/her own research in the context of the work on the urban environment carried out by the department, working with postgraduate students in an ‘urban design studio’ setting and collaborating with academic colleagues across the LSE and other institutions, promoting the opportunities for cross disciplinarity that their own field of expertise can contribute.

The Mellon Research Fellow for 2014-2015 was Dr Naomi Roux. Dr Roux's Urban Memoryscapes project examined the means by which collective and public memory in inscribed and contested in urban space.

Applications for the 2015 Mellon Fellowship Programme are now closed.


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