Twenty new Urban Age texts available online

24 November 2014

Leading and emerging urbanists from around the world contribute over 20 new texts to the Urban Age newspaper on Governing Urban Futures. Essays by Richard Sennett  on ‘Coping with Disorder’, Ananya Roy on ‘The Land Question’, Gerald Frug on ‘Who decides’ and Saskia Sassen on ‘Who owns the City?’ accompany research-based papers by Austin Zeiderman on ‘Fluid Futures’ in Colombia, Sobie Kaker on ‘Circulating Uncertainties’ in Karachi and Jonathan Silver’s investigation on ‘Wasted Infrastructures’ in Uganda, Edgar Pieterse on Johannesburg’s ‘Corridors of Freedom’ and Charles Correa’s call for greater ‘Accountability and Governance’ in Indian cities.

All these texts are available in our conference newspaper:
Download PDF (39.4 MB)
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