Monthly Archives: September 2010

Intelligent City Forum: the Future of Cities

LSE Cities’ Executive Director Philipp Rode spoke on the future of cities at the Intelligent City Forum in Berlin on 23 September. The talk examined global trends in city development in the context of urban sustainability. Read more.

Climate Change Global Media Symposium

Philipp Rode, Executive Director of LSE Cities, spoke at the Climate Change Global Media Symposium. The event covered issues including ‘Reporting Climate Change Issues and Challenges’ and ‘Climate Change and Urban Planning’. Read more.

Megacities: Opportunities and Challenges for Health

22 September 2010

LSE Cities Director Ricky Burdett will speak at a session entitled Megacities: Opportunities and Challenges for Health at the World Health Summit in Berlin on 11 October 2010. The presentation will focus on examples of initiatives to reduce the ecological footprint and optimise human capital and well-being in cities in the Global South and Global North. Read more.