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Global Power Inner City Index 2010

31 May 2011

The Institute for Urban Strategies at the Mori Memorial Foundation has surveyed the “comprehensive power” of the world’s major cities and released their findings in a new report. The Global Power Inner City Index 2010 looks at 35 global cities of varying scales and assesses them based on 69 indicators. Read more.

Livable versus lovable

18 May 2011

“One wants to live in places which are large and complex, where you don’t know everyone and you don’t always know what’s going to happen next. Cities are places of opportunity but also of conflict, but where you can find safety in a crowd.” Ricky Burdett contributes a discussion on livability in the Financial Times.

Colour and the City

An article on ‘Colour and the City’ by LSE Cities’ Ricky Burdett and Adam Kaasa is published in the Harvard Graduate School of Design Journal New Geographies Volume 3. More information.

Ricky Burdett at the Architecture Foundation

Ricky Burdett, Director of LSE Cities, hosted an evening at the Architecture Foundation. The evening’s discussion addressed the following projects: London in 21st Century Debates (1996), a series of public forum debates that provided over 15,000 members of the public a voice in shaping the future of London; and Croydon in the Future (1993), one of the most successful architecture shows ever held in Britain.

Global Power City Index Yearbook 2010

The Mori Memorial Foundation has now published its Global Power City Index Yearbook 2010, to which LSE Cities contributed the London case study. The GPCI, which has been released annually since 2008, evaluates and ranks the comprehensive power of the world’s 35 major cities. The yearbook is the index created by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses which each city possesses, comparing the international competitiveness of each city.

City Reformers Group Workshop: Lille

The City Reformers Group is a learning network of active practitioners and policy-makers from ‘weak market’ de-industrialising cities across the EU and US. The group’s next workshop will take place in Lille, 23-24 May, and will include presentations on Lille’s urban regeneration project and economic development.