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Living in the Endless City: reviewed on

27 September 2011

LSE Cities new publication Living in the Endless City is reviewed on, where it is noted that in the book, “Saskia Sassen … shatters some well-regarded beliefs on the economies of cities today” and “Justin McGuirk’s essay “Understanding the Numbers” is an extremely helpful addition for doing what the title says, while also inserting a dose of skepticism about what data actually tells us.” Read the full review.

‘Urbanized’: the growth of city life

‘Urbanized’ a new documentary by Gary Hustwit that features Ricky Burdett, is reviewed in the LA Times. The film is described as, “a cinematic version of “The Endless City,” the book that Ricky Burdett (who plays a significant role in “Urbanized”) and Deyan Sudjic put out three years ago.”

Ricky Burdett at the IQ2 “If” Conference

Ricky Burdett will speak as part of the IQ2 “If” Conference this November. His presentation, on the morning of November 25th, is entitled “Living in the Endless Cities of Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Istanbul”, and will ask whether the model for the western city becomes redundant in the face of globalisation. How can cities in the 21st century avoid social division and environmental destruction? Read more and book tickets.

Gauteng City-Region Observatory hosts Ricky Burdett

As part of a two-day visit with the Gauten City-Region Observatory, Ricky Burdett spoke to the Faces of the City Seminar. His presentation gave an overview of images and insights from Living in the Endless City – raised debate on how to think about the psyche of the city, the unique challenges of South African cities such as the crisis of youth unemployment, and the impact of city-led investments in public environment and community space versus shelter and household services. Read more.