Monthly Archives: August 2013

Austin Zeiderman and Jon Silver at the Royal Geographical Society

29 August 2013

LSE Cities Research Fellow Austin Zeiderman and Researcher Jon Silver presented their work at the Royal Geographical Society’s annual conference on Wednesday 28th August. Austin participated in a session dedicated to exploring the role of engineering and engineers in producing, negotiating and contesting cities and urban life while Jon co-organised a session on the politics of urban electricity networks, in which he also delivered a paper.

LSE Research Highlights: European Metromonitor feature

27 August 2013

LSE’s research highlights this month looks at LSE Cities’ European Metromonitor project, asking “Why have some European cities weathered the global financial crisis better than others?”

LSE Cities’ Dr Antoine Paccoud says analysis of the data shows manufacturing and construction both account for an important share of the variation.

“Cities which boosted their manufacturing output in the years preceding the crisis outperformed those in which the share of manufacturing decreased,” he says.

“What is also striking is that regardless of what happened to their manufacturing sector, cities which focused heavily on construction had, on average, lower annual growth rates for 2007-2013 than cities in which the share of the construction sector dropped.

“On average, the most resilient cities are those that developed their industrial sector from a low base while de-emphasising construction, while those that turned their back on their strong manufacturing base and focused on construction fared the worst.”

To read the full article, visit the LSE Research website.

Philipp Rode at the Stadtforum Berlin

5 August 2013

On 7 August 2013, LSE Cities Executive Director Philipp Rode addressed the Stadtforum Berlin as part of a discussion about Berlin’s 2030 urban development strategy.

The Stadtforum Berlin is Berlin’s regular public gathering to discuss the city’s developmental priorities and related urban planning and design strategies. It is hosted by the Berlin Senate Administration for Urban Development and has been running since 1991.

LSE Cities’ researcher Jon Silver edits latest issue of ‘Local Environment’

‘Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability’, volume 18, issue 6 2013 is edited and features papers by LSE Cities’ researcher Jon Silver in collaboration with Durham University and UN Habitat. The focus of the special issue is on the related issues of vulnerability, adaptation and resilience as they are emerging in the urban arena. While concerns for mitigation have long dominated the urban climate change agenda, the need to adjust to future climatic conditions and to respond to current climate related disasters means that questions of vulnerability, adaptation and resilience are becoming increasingly important. This collection provides rich empirical accounts of how this agenda is being developed in a diverse set of urban contexts in cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. For more information click here.