Monthly Archives: December 2013

Airports Commission publishes interim report

17 December 2013

The Airports Commission, of which LSE Cities’ Director Ricky Burdett is a member, has published its interim report into airport capacity and connectivity in the UK, concluding that there is a need for 1 net additional runway to be in operation in the south-east by 2030. The Airports Commission is chaired by former LSE Director Howard Davies.

For full details visit the Airports Commission website:

LSE Cities’ Austin Zeiderman at American Anthropological Association’s Annual Meeting, Chicago

2 December 2013

On 20th November 2013 Austin Zeiderman presented at the American Anthropological Association’s Annual Meeting in Chicago. Austin’s talk, ‘Submergence: The Politics of Vulnerability in Colombia’s Pacific Port City’ was about displacement pressures facing the city, from climate change to armed conflict, and the efforts of urban activists and residents to resist eviction and dispossession.