Monthly Archives: February 2015

LSE Cities Mona Sloane presented at New London Architecture event

23 February 2015

Mona Sloane presented at an event on Public Interest Design, which took place on Tuesday 24 February from 6.30-8pm and was organised by New London Architecture.

This NLA event powered by pechakucha sought to highlight key projects and it’s London based practitioners to illustrate the impact of these interventions – what are the successes of this movement as a new approach to poverty alleviation and sustainable development?

For more information about the event click here.

Launch of LSE Cities report on Bloomberg Philanthropies’ 2014 Mayors Challenge

5 February 2015

The Innovation in Europe’s Cities report was launched in London on the 4 February. Throughout 2014, researchers from LSE Cities provided input to Bloomberg Philanthropies on the political and demographic make-up of selected European cities, and carried out an objective assessment of the level of innovation shown by the shortlisted proposals.

The report gives an overview of the key themes facing European cities today and provides an independent analysis of the 155 submissions to the award and a detailed review of the five winning proposals from Barcelona, Athens, Kirklees, Stockholm and Warsaw.

Please click here to read the full report.