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Berlin Launch of Towards New Urban Mobility Report

22 September 2015

On the 21 September the results of this comparative study on mobility attitudes in London and Berlin were presented by Christian Hoffmann from InnoZ and Philipp Rode from LSE Cities at the Social Science Research Center Berlin for Social Research (WZB) in Berlin.

‘Towards New Urban Mobility: The case of London and Berlin’ provides insight into how urban transport policy can better leverage new and emerging mobility choices in cities. This new report was prepared by LSE Cities at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ), and supported by the German Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development and Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society.

To read the report in full click here.

LSE Cities Suzi Hall, Julia King and Robin Finlay give keynote lecture at The Sociological Review’s symposium

15 September 2015

Suzi Hall, Julia King and Robin Finlay give a keynote lecture at The Sociological Review’s symposium on ‘Streetlife: The Shifting Sociologies of the Street’. Their paper focused on their recent ESRC research on diverse streets in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Leicester (ref: ES/L009560/1). The symposium took place on Tuesday 15 September from 10am – 6pm.
For symposium details click here.

For more information on the Super-diverse Streets project click here.


LSE Cities Ricky Burdett participated in Tehran workshop

10 September 2015

The workshop on ‘Shaping Cities Through Culture’ was organised by the Alfred Herrhausen Society and took place from the 4-7 September in Tehran, Iran. Other participants included Thomas Matussek (Managing Director, Alfred Herrhausen Society), Ute Weiland (Deputy Director, Alfred Herrhausen Society), Justine Simons (Head of Culture, City Hall, London), Tim Renner (Permanent Secretary for Berlin Senate),Michael Schindhelm (Writer and Cultural Advisor in Dubai, Hong Kong and Moscow), Michael Naumann (Director, Barenboim-Said Academy) Peter Schneider (Writer)  as well as representatives from the Municipality of Tehran and representatives from local Iranian cultural institutions and universities.