Monthly Archives: February 2017

Muhammad Adeel publishes new article in Pakistan Today

27 February 2017

LSE Cities Research Officer Muhammad Adeel has published a new article in Pakistan Today on patterns of urban growth in Lahore and Karachi. The article explores the implications of horizontal urban expansion and sprawl and the lessons that can be learned from each city. Read the full article here.

LSE Cities launches new Urban Growth Analytics report in Yangon

24 February 2017

LSE Cities has launched the new report, Towards Urban Growth Analytics for Yangon, in Myanmar this week. The report is the product of a collaboration with the International Growth Centre’s Myanmar office and aims to provide the first step towards developing a more in-depth research programme on urban development in Yangon.

To accompany the release of the report, LSE Cities Executive Director Philipp Rode presented on compact, connected and coordinated urban growth with the IGC’s Tony Venables in a February 23 workshop centred on the theme of “Urbanising Myanmar.” Dr. Rode also gave a keynote address at the Yangon School of Political Science on Urban Governance and the New Urban Agenda.

As part of a capacity-building session in the city, Catarina Heeckt and Alexandra Gomes – researchers on the Yangon report – presented its findings and methods to the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

The full report, and wider information about the project, is available here.

Philipp Rode to chair event on future mobility in India

20 February 2017

On March 2, LSE Cities Executive Director Philipp Rode will chair a discussion on future mobility in India hosted by the LSESU’s German Society. Dr. Rode will be in conversation with Günter Butschek, CEO of Tata Motors Worldwide, addressing questions surrounding India’s Automotive Mission Plan 2016-26. More information is available here.

Ricky Burdett chairs Munich Security Conference event

17 February 2017

Ricky Burdett, Director of LSE Cities and Urban Age, chaired this evening’s Munich Security Conference side event. “Security ‘Architecture’: Managing Threats in an Urban Age” was held in partnership with Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, Munich Security Conference and LSE Cities. The event included discussion by leading security experts, political decision-makers and experts from academia and civil society on increasingly complex urban security politics.

Philipp Rode publishes new article in Journal of Urban Affairs special issue

16 February 2017

Philipp Rode, Executive Director of LSE Cities, has published a new article in a Journal of Urban Affairs special issue on New Urban Governance. The article, Urban planning and transport policy integration: The role of governance hierarchies and networks in London and Berlin, investigates how the integration of urban planning and transport policies has been pursued in key case study cities since the early 1990s. It is the first in a series of articles that will be made available online in the JUA special issue. It can be accessed here.

Julia King to feature in mentoring event with the Architectural Association

13 February 2017

Julia King, Research Officer at LSE Cities, will tonight participate in the Architectural Association’s “Speed Mentoring” event at the AA’s lecture hall in London. The event’s format is designed to provide opportunities for meeting and learning from a range of professionals working within architecture. Dr. King teaches on the Cities Programme at the LSE and has also taught at the Bartlett School of Architecture, AA and the CASS Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design. More information about the event and the series is available here.

Adam Kaasa contributes to new Walking Cities book

7 February 2017

Adam Kaasa, Director of Theatrum Mundi, has contributed to the new book Walking Cities: London, published by Camberwell Press. The book, which brings together a new interdisciplinary field of artists, writers, architects, musicians, human geographers and philosophers considers how a city walk informs and triggers new processes of making, thinking, researching and communicating. Dr. Kaasa’s chapter, Against Porosity, Against the Crowd: Walking for a Spatial Complex City, focuses on the experience of walking through the Barbican. Walking Cities: London will be launched at the Showroom Gallery on Wednesday 15 March, 6.30 – 8.30 p.m.

The Quito Papers: Towards an Open City film now online

2 February 2017

Following closely on the launch of an early preview of the Quito Papers, a web version of the “Quito Papers: towards an open city” film is now available.  The film was first screened in Paris in December and earlier this week in London.

Theatrum Mundi launched the film in London on 31 January 2017 with the support of the Kaifeng Foundation and in partnership with UN Habitat, NYU and LSE Cities. The film includes contributions from Joan Clos, Under-Secretary General and Executive Director of UN-Habitat; Ricky Burdett, Professor of Urban Studies at LSE and the director of LSE Cities and the Urban Age; Saskia Sassen, Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology at Columbia University; and Richard Sennett, Professor of Humanities, New York University, Professor of Sociology, LSE.

In October 2016, the thinking behind the Quito Papers was outlined at Habitat III by the authors in a talk entitled: Designing the Urban Age.