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Nuno da Cruz to speak at research seminar on the quality of local democracy

8 March 2019

Nuno F. da Cruz, Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at LSE Cities, will deliver a talk entitled ‘The quality of local democracy: an institutional analysis’ on 11 March 2019 at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Jointly hosted by Pompeu Fabra University and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) the research seminar explores the following key question: ‘The Implementation of Transparency Policy at the Local Level: A Common Model for the European Union?’. The seminar will be followed by an evening roundtable discussion.

Ed Charlton speaks at Early Career Research Collaboration Workshop on Urban Lives

22 February 2019

Jointly hosted by The Academy of Science of South Africa and the British Academy, the workshop brings together early career researchers based in the UK and South Africa who are able to contribute multiple disciplinary and cross-regional insights from the humanities and the social sciences to our understanding of urban life. The symposium runs from the 21st-23rd February, in Gauteng, South Africa, and Ed Charlton presented work in a session on ‘Space and Habitats’.

Ed Charlton is a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow at LSE Cities. His current project is entitled ‘Metropolitan Melancholia: Articulating Loss in the Contemporary City’. 

Ricky Burdett delivers talk in Madrid on ‘Shaping Cities in an Urban Age’

21 February 2019

On 21 February, Ricky Burdett, Director of LSE Cities and Urban Age, presented the third publication in the Urban Age series, ‘Shaping Cities in an Urban Age’. Featuring 37 essays by leading policy makers, practitioners and scholars, ‘Shaping Cities in an Urban Age’, brings together authoritative research and fresh insights that explain the complexities of urbanisation. The presentation was jointly hosted by Ivorypress and Phaidon Press.

Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, delivers public lecture at LSE

18 February 2019

On 19 February, Rahm Emanuel discussed the role of cities as world leaders in the 21st century, in a public lecture jointly hosted by Chicago Council on Global Affairs and LSE Cities.

Cities have risen as global centres for innovation and energy across economics, entrepreneurship, culture and public policy. As the leader of the City of Chicago, Mayor Emanuel has been uniquely positioned to address the complex challenges and opportunities posed by education, health care, technology, immigration, infrastructure, climate change, and much more.

More information can be found here

Executive MSc in Cities participant presents Amaravati Taskforce Report at Happy Cities Summit

13 February 2019

Sisto Andama, a participant of our 2017-2018 Executive MSc in Cities cohort, launched the findings of the Amaravati Taskforce at the Happy Cities Summit in Amaravati, India today. The formal handing-over ceremony was attended by Chandrababu Naidu, Rt. Hon Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and Dr. Sreedhar Cherukuri, Commissioner of the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA), as well as other APCRDA and government officials. The report, entitled “Amaravati 2050: Strategic planning for sustainable housing, transport and financing” was prepared by a group of participants that have been working with the local government in Amaravati since June 2018 as part of the urban infrastructure and strategic planning course of the Executive MSc in Cities. The taskforce identifies three strategically important planning challenges for this rapidly growing new capital city and suggested ways in which Amaravati might deal with affordable housing provision, improved public and active transport, and more sustainable financing as it grows from a collection of villages into a new capital of 3.5 million inhabitants by 2050. Following the public launch, sessions to discuss the findings of the Taskforce Report in more detail with the APCRDA staff will take place later on this week.

Lent Term LSE Cities Seminars: The Emotional Life of the City

15 January 2019

The Emotional Life of the Cities seminars are expert led discussions hosted by LSE Cities and open to all both within and beyond the LSE Community. They are held in the LSE Cities seminar room 8.01H from 12.00-13.30 with lunch provided. 

This seminar series thinks in critical as much as creative terms about the place of extreme emotional life in the city. Gesturing toward a tradition of urban observation that extends back to the likes of Flora Tristan and Walter Benjamin and reaches forward to writers such as Rebecca Solnit and Teju Cole, seminars will provide lively, incisive commentary willing to experiment, formally as well as methodologically. If you would like to attend any of the seminars please RSVP to

The speakers and dates for the Lent Term Seminars are as follows:

January 17 2019, 12.00pm – 1.30pm

Dr Ruth Raynor (Newcastle University)

March 21, 12.00pm – 1.30pm

Dr Thomas Jellis (Oxford University)

May 2, 12.00pm – 1.30pm

Dr Lauren Elkin (Liverpool University)

For more information please contact

Ricky Burdett interviewed by CityLab on shaping cities

7 June 2018

Ricky Burdett, Director of LSE Cities and Urban Age, was interviewed by CityLab’s Feargus O’Sullivan on the The Hidden Forces That Shape Cities. Commenting on how cities change, Burdett said: “Too many designers think about the reality of the built environment at one moment in time—that you create an instant city.” The article was published ahead of Burdett delivering the keynote address at reSITE 2018 on 14 June 2018.

Julia King to chair public event on Citymakers: The Culture and Craft of Practical Urbanism

4 December 2017

Julia King, Research Fellow at LSE Cities, will chair “Citymakers: The Culture and Craft of Practical Urbanism” on 5 December at the London School of Economics. The event will launch Cassim Shepard’s new book, in which he offers a cross-disciplinary approach to understanding the contemporary city that focuses on emerging principles practiced by a diverse group of “citymakers” including landscape designers, housing advocates, hackers, architects, ecologists, community organisers, activists, artists, and more.

Philipp Rode to chair NYU transport panel

16 October 2017

Philipp Rode, Executive Director at LSE Cities, will chair a panel on 17 October at NYU School of Law. ‘Better Transport Makes Better Cities: Tales from the Trenches’, led by the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy and free to attend, focuses on how cities are stepping up with new strategies to improve access to walking, cycling and public transit infrastructure. The event is in partnership with Transportation Alternatives100 Resilient Cities, and Vital Strategies.

New LSE Cities report launch on urban uncertainty

8 June 2017

Projections of uncertain futures pervade public and political debates around the world. The Urban Uncertainty report explored this in the context of an LSE Cities research project led by Austin Zeiderman from 2012 to 2015. The research team, which included Sobia Ahmad Kaker, Jonathan Silver and Astrid Wood, incorporated anthropology, geography, politics and planning to focus on the environment, security, infrastructure and transportation in Latin America, Africa and Asia. It aimed to conceptualise uncertainty and better understand how, and with what effects, uncertainty interacts with and shapes urban life. The report launch involved a presentation of the project’s key findings by three of the lead researchers, commentary by Adriana Allen and a panel discussion chaired by Ricky Burdett.