LSE Cities publishes new paper in the Journal of the British Academy

18 August 2019

LSE Cities has published a new paper titled “Understanding infrastructure interfaces: common ground for interdisciplinary urban research?”. This article was written by Jo Beall, Zegeye Cherenet, Liza Cirolia, Nuno da Cruz, Susan Parnell, and Philipp Rode as part of the Governing Infrastructure Interfaces research project. It is featured in the newest issue of the Journal of the British Academy, edited by Caroline Knowles under the theme Cities and Infrastructure in the Global South.

Click here to read the full paper.

From the abstract, “Urban development is a complex, multidimensional process that no single discipline can understand, explain or address adequately. In the case of infrastructure, different disciplines address specific issues—technical problems, social dynamics, political power—yet in reality these often intersect. This article documents the experience of analysing the governance of infrastructure interfaces through a multidisciplinary case study of transport and sanitation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.