New report on development strategy in the Randstad

26 October 2012

The National-Regional Programme for Amsterdam, Almere and Markermeer (RRAAM) is a development, environmental and transportation strategy for the North Wing of the Randstad. The strategy spans housing provision, new jobs, the revitalisation of the lakes and a transportation strategy.

LSE Cities put together an International Panel of Experts, that looked at the existing plans and alternatives in order to assess the programme from a more qualitative and international perspective.

We looked at the following questions:

1. How is the RRAAM programme going to improve the international competitiveness of the region?

2. What type of city will Almere become following new investment in housing, transportation and recreational infrastructure? How will the four developmental alternatives for Almere, help both the region and Almere realise their objectives of excellent living & working conditions, excellent mobility and excellent recreational and ecological infrastructure?

The report of our findings is now available here: