Philipp Rode on Megacity Mobility Culture

24 January 2013

The new book from the Institute for Mobility Research, Megacity Mobility Culture: How Cities Move on in a Diverse World, features a chapter, “Trends and Challenges: Global Urbanisation and Urban Mobility” by LSE Cities Executive Director, Philipp Rode.

Megacity Mobility Culture is based on a discussion of the diversity of megacities worldwide. Experts from megacities around the world each take the reader on a journey to their own city and its mobility culture, giving a deeper insight into the unique evolutionary paths of mobility that these places have taken, and what lies before them. While acknowledging the overwhelming diversity of cities worldwide, the authors also identify common denominators behind the evolution of urban transport systems – seven temperaments which are found in a unique mix in any given city, defining the character of its mobility culture.

For more information on the book, please visit the Springer website, where you can also preview the contents.