Richard Sennett recognised in the 2018 New Year’s Honours for design

2 January 2018

Professor Richard Sennett, Chair of the Advisory Board at LSE Cities and Centennial Professor of Sociology at LSE, was appointed OBE for services to design in the 2018 New Year’s Honours. Through his research and extensive writings, Professor Sennett has explored how individuals and groups make social and cultural sense of material facts – about the cities in which they live and about the labour they do. How cities are designed is a key area of research at LSE Cities.

Commenting on the announcement, Professor Sennett generously said, “The real honours should go to the Cities Programme at LSE, where I did the work for which I’ve been recognised.” Professor Sennett also contributed to founding the Urban Age project and was part of  one of three evening Urban Talks [video], which were central to the official Habitat lll programme in 2016 and focused on the design of cities.