Theatrum Mundi at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014

29 July 2014

Theatrum Mundi will host a public screening of an Alexander Kluge film, “Grapes of Truth”, along with a post-film programme from Sunday 10 August 2014. On Monday 11, three panels on The Principle of Religion, The Principle of Capitalism and The Principle of the City, will feature discussions with Richard Sennett – Professor of Sociology, LSE and Founder, Theatrum Mundi, Chris Fujiwara – Edinburgh International Film Festival Director, Saskia Sassen – Professor of Sociology, Columbia University, Rowan Williams – former Archbishop of Canterbury, Angela Zito – New York University Professor of Anthropology, Paola Subacchi, Research Director in International Economics at Chatham House, Robert Skidelsky – Professor of Political Economy at Warwick University.

For more information on screening times and to book tickets visit the website here.