Theatrum Mundi at Venice Finissage and on Monocle

14 December 2012

Theatrum Mundi/Global Street returned to Venice on 24 November 2012 for David Chipperfield’s Finnisage, where in collaboration with weareherevenice, the project coordinated a 3-hour morning session with global and local mini-lectures on the project. Speakers included Adam Kaasa, Liza Fior, Michelle Provoost, and Mireille Roddier from U Michigan, and were followed by an hour long set of three focus group discussions with 20 people in each from Venice.

Details of the event are available at the Theatrum Mundi website. You can also view a selection of clips from the Biennale over on YouTube.

Adam Kaasa of Theatrum Mundi was also interviewed for Monocle 24, for the radio programme “The Urbanist”. You can listen here, from the 30 minute mark.