Cities Programme

The Cities Programme is dedicated to the understanding of urban society and urban change and focuses on the relationships between the social and spatial life of cities. It provides an innovative environment for critical engagement and creative learning, exploring the relations between city design and the political, economic and cultural organisation of cities. The Programme offers MSc and PhD degrees through the Department of Sociology and is associated with LSE Cities.

MSc City Design and Social Science This unique master's degree programme provides the opportunity to study city design in a world-leading social sciences university. Design is explored as a field of research and practice that shapes urban space, responds to urban problems, and opens possibilities for social transformation and urban justice. Our interdisciplinary master’s draws in students from across the design disciplines, social and economic sciences, natural sciences, and humanities. At the heart of the MSc is the City Design and Social Science Research Studio, in which students work together intensively on specific sites in London.

MPhil/PhD Cities The Cities doctoral research programme offers an excellent environment for innovative and interdisciplinary graduate research on cities, space, and urbanism. Students come from a range of academic and professional backgrounds, sharing an interest in advanced research on the social and spatial aspects of urban life. Doctoral supervision is carried out by core Cities Programme faculty. Students may also work with other urban scholars in the Department of Sociology.