Metro performance: Before, during, and after the great recession

The Global MetroMonitor ranks 150 of the largest metropolitan economies worldwide on their combined employment and income growth in three periods: pre-recession (1993 to 2007); recession (year of minimum growth 2007 to 2010); and recovery (2009 to 2010). Metropolitan economic performance is also analyzed within the context of broad world regions. The table below ranks metro areas by their performance in the recovery period, demonstrating differences among metros in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Metro areas outside the United States and Europe, especially emerging lower-income Asian and Latin American markets, dominate the list of strongest economic performers in the early stages of worldwide recovery. Some U.S. metros are bouncing back from a deep recession with increasing incomes, though most continue to shed employment. Europe accounts for most of the weakest metro performers, reflecting the impacts of the debt crisis in early 2010 as well as the rapid decline of housing-bubble markets in Spain, Ireland, and portions of Eastern Europe.