Urban regeneration and social sustainability

Book launch hosted by LSE Cities

Urban regeneration is a key focus for public policy throughout Europe. This launch marked an examination of social sustainability through the analysis of its meaning and significance. The authors offered a comprehensive European perspective to identify best practice in sustainable urban regeneration in five major cities in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. Respondents discussed current policy thinking and the future of the EU Urban Agenda.

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    Andrea Colantonio

    Andrea Colantonio is Research Fellow at LSE Cities.

    Tim Dixon

    Tim Dixon is Director of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development, Oxford Brookes University.

    Brian Field

    Brian Field is Urban Specialist with the European Investment Bank.

    Jan Olbrycht

    Jan Olbrycht is MEP and Chair of the Urban Intergroup, European Parliament.

    Anne Power

    Anne Power is Professor with the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, LSE.