Designing Respect Exhibition

Exhibition hosted by Theatrum Mundi

Theatrum Mundi, People’s Palace Projects and Museum of Tomorrow presented the 2016 edition of the global ideas competition Designing Politics in Rio de Janeiro.

Designing Politics aims to test the potential and the limits of design in addressing critical issues of urban politics and culture in different cities around the world. Following previous challenges held in New York and London, the 2016 brief focused on the issue of RESPECT.

The competition was open to artists, planners, activists, and citizens who were required to identify settings for disrespect in the Olympic capital and design plans for an architectural, urban, performative or organisational intervention that enabled respect between people across difference.

62 exciting proposals were received. The expert jury includes Gringo Cardia, Pedro Rivera, Washington Fajardo, Marcus Faustini, Eliana Souza, Jailson de Souza e Silva, Luiz Alberto Oliveira, Marcelo Dughettu, Jane Hall, Martin Dowle, Olga Esteves Camper, Ana Claudia Souza, Paul Heritage and Adam Kaasa.

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