Experiences from the front lines in de Blasio’s New York City

Public lecture hosted by LSE Cities

In this LSE Cities public lecture, Carl Weisbrod, in conversation with Tony Travers, spoke on guiding principles of urban economic development, inclusive planning, affordable housing, and equitable growth. Carl reflected on his experience pioneering New York City Mayor de Blasio’s ambitious affordable housing programme, transforming New York City neighborhoods, such as Times Square in the late 1970s and Lower Manhattan after 9/11, and shared lessons from his 40-year career in public service and private sector development.


    Carl Weisbrod

    Carl Weisbrod has served the City of New York as Chairman of the New York City Planning Commission and Director of the New York City Department of City Planning, where he was a key architect of New York City’s ambitious, pioneering affordable housing program. He was also the founding President of the New York City Economic Development Corporation. He was a Partner at HR&A between 2011-2014, where he managed the successful rezoning of the Hudson Square area in Manhattan. Prior to that he was the President of Trinity Church’s Real Estate Division, one of New York’s major owner/managers of commercial real estate. Carl led efforts to revitalize two of New York City’s most iconic neighborhoods – Times Square, from the late 1970’s through the early 1990’s, and Lower Manhattan, both pre- and post-9/11. His former positions also include: President of New York State’s 42nd Street Development Project; a Director of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation; Founding President of the Alliance for Downtown New York.

    Tony Travers

    Tony Travers is Director of the IPA and also of LSE London.  He is a professor in the Department of Government. His key research interests include local and regional government and public service reform. He has been an advisor to the Communities & Local Government Select Committee and also to other Parliamentary committees. He has published a number of books on cities and government, including Failure in British GovernmentThe Politics of the Poll Tax (with David Butler and Andrew Adonis); Paying for Health, Education and Housing: How does the Centre Pull the Purse Strings (with Howard Glennerster and John Hills); The Politics of London: Governing the Ungovernable City and, most recently, London’s Boroughs at 50. He has chaired a number of official commissions, including the Independent Commission on Local Government Finance in Wales and the London Finance Commission.