Exhibition hosted by Theatrum Mundi in partnership with Akademie der Künste

NightSeeing™ Berlin 2013 was a light-walk led artist by Leni Schwendinger. This carefully selected and stimulating route was developed with a local representative through photographs and discussions with Leni. NightSeeing™ is a series of light-walks developed in cities all over the world. Each walk is unique, with a custom NightSeeing Map handout, created by Light Projects for each location.

This program originated in Leni’s teaching, “Designing Urban Nighttime Environments.” Upon leaving the classroom and emerging onto the street, the smallest pixels of light and the faintest shadows were transformed into objects and subjects of study. This “lightwalk” became a treasure hunt, a way of recognizing both existing and designed light.


    Leni Schwendinger

    Leni Schwendinger is an Associate Principal at Arup, and a recognised authority on urban lighting plus art and colour, with more than 15 years of experience creating illuminated environments for public spaces all over the world.