Workshop: Urban Lightscapes/Social Nightscapes

A workshop on social research and lighting design in London

Workshop hosted by Configuring Light

An open call for design professionals

The Configuring Light research programme has received the HEIF5 Knowledge Exchange and Impact funding from the LSE to host a five-day workshop bringing together lighting design professionals, architects, designers, planners and social scientists at the Whitecross Estate London from 13-17 October 2014.

This workshop will equip design professionals with the social research methods they need to create more ‘social designs’ in their daily practices and extend the adoption of social research in design processes to create better urban environments. This workshop will be co-led by our project partner the Social Light Movement, and will focus on a lighting design intervention to help improve outdoor spaces at Peabody’s Whitecross Estate in Islington. Technical sponsorship and support has kindly been provided by iGuzzini.

The workshop lasts for five full days and has three elements: a training component for social research methods in design, a research and design component where designers create a new lighting concept in collaboration with the estate’s community, and a symposium on the final day (17 October 2014) where the lighting concept will be presented to the Peabody and other stakeholders and invited guests.

Applications for this workshop have now closed.

About SLM

The Social Light Movement is a philanthropic movement and has been founded in order to create a network for lighting designers and other interested parties to collaborate on the issue of improving lighting for people: particularly those who are unlikely to have access to good quality illumination within their environment.

About Peabody

Peabody has been creating opportunities for people in London since 1862, when it was established by the American banker and philanthropist, George Peabody. Peabody’s mission is to ensure that as many people as possible have a good home, a real sense of purpose and a strong feeling of belonging.

Peabody work solely in London, with a presence in the majority of London boroughs. It owns and manages around 27,000 homes, providing affordable housing for over 80,000 people.

Image: Copyright Catarina Heeckt

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