Word on the Street: City vocabularies of migration and diversity

Conference hosted by LSE Cities

The ‘Word on the Street’ conference aimed to explore the everyday cultures and economies of cities in urban contexts of increasing migration and super-diversity. We focused on cities in the global north, using the commonplace urban currency of the street. Changes propelled by global urbanisation have particular expressions in the spaces of the street, including shifts in public life, distortions and innovations in retail economies, emerging forms of civil association, and policy constraints and renewals.

Speakers: Mariana Valverde, Susanne Wessendorf, Suzanne Hall, Jan Rath, Iris Hagemans, Christine Hentschel, Talja Blokland, Sophie Watson, Philip Kasinitz, Sharon Zukin and Ash Amin.

Chairs: Claire Alexander, John Solomos and Fran Tonkiss

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