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Stockholm: Green Economy Leader Report launched on 4 June

On 4 June in Stockholm, Graham Floater, Philipp Rode and Dimitri Zenghelis, directors of the LSE’s Economics of Green Cities Programme – launched a pivotal new piece of research, Stockholm: Green Economy Leader Report. Stockholm is a leading city for green economic growth. Despite the global downturn, the city’s low carbon economy remains highly competitive and well positioned for driving sustained growth in the medium to long term. The report shows that Stockholm’s impressive growth has been delivered while increasing environmental performance and transitioning to a low carbon economy. It looks in detail at what Stockholm must do to maintain this position as a green leader, and how it might meet the ambitious targets it has set for itself. For more information, and to download the report, click here.

Going Green: How cities are leading the next economy

In June 2013, LSE Cities launches the final edition of the report of our City Survey on Green Policy, Going Green: How cities are leading the next economy.  The City Survey on Green Policy involved a global survey of one hundred cities and in-depth research on efforts to build the green economy in eight selected cities. Preliminary results were published for the United Nations Rio+20 Summit and the Global Green Growth Forum in Copenhagen during 2012. The final ‘Going Green’ document provides an up-to-date overview of cities’ experiences in the transition to the green economy. It provides a global comparative perspective on the environmental challenges that cities face along with the opportunities, progress and barriers to going green and fostering economic growth. The report provides an up-to-date overview on the experiences of how cities around the world are making the transition to the green economy. For more information on Going Green, visit the project's website.