NCE Coalition for Urban Transitions: Finance workstream

Coalition for Urban Transitions

The Coalition for Urban Transitions is a Special Initiative of the New Climate Economy (NCE). LSE Cities co-led research into how to finance this transition from 2016 -2017 together with colleagues at PwC. The second stage is now led by LSE under the guidance of Ehtisham Ahmad.

The Coalition for Urban Transitions is an international initiative to support decision makers to meet the objective of unlocking the power of cities for enhanced national economic, social, and environmental performance, including reducing the risk of climate change. It is hosted by the World Resources Institute (WRI) Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, and jointly managed by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) and WRI with a dedicated delivery team.

The Coalition will provide an independent, evidence based approach for thinking about how to transition towards compact, connected and coordinated (3C) cities to ensure that the growth of urban areas, and the accompanying process of economic, social, and environmental transformation, maximises benefits for people and the planet.

The Coalition is composed of leaders from think tanks, research institutions, city networks, international organisations, infrastructure providers, and strategic advisory companies.

From 2016 – 2017 LSE Cities co-led the research for the Financing the Urban Transition workstream together with PwC. This workstream is now led by LSE under the guidance of Ehtisham Ahmad. The workstream aims to answer which major national financing mechanisms or other funding innovations, including international and domestic investment flows, could be used to cover the incremental up-front costs of smarter urban infrastructure. It resulted in the publication of a Policymaker’s Summary on Financing the Urban Transition as well as an accompanying Background Paper at the end of 2017.

Working papers