Randstad/South East England regional study

This study of sustainability at a regional scale compared the Randstad area in the Netherlands with the South East of England.

The two-year study of sustainability at a regional scale – comparing the Randstad with the South East of England – was completed in 2011 with results published in a new publication The Tale of Two Regions: a comparison between the metropolitan areas of south east England and the Randstad, Holland.  The report brings together the findings of an interdisciplinary collaboration between LSE Cities, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. The research presents thinking on what makes strong regional cities, identifying a number of key factors to consider: regional and intra-regional relationships; agglomeration economies; access for city dwellers to green space;  and the hubs and hotspots of the wider urban networks. The report was submitted to the Dutch government at a formal presentation in The Hague on 1 September 2011.

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