Hong Kong: Cities, Health and Well-being

This conference newspaper features major new research on metropolitan health and well-being, as well as intra-urban analysis of health and social indicators in Hong Kong, and qualitative research with residents of four dense neighbourhoods, together with conference partners at the University of Hong Kong. A compilation of thirty city case studies and framing papers by conference participants and collaborators focusses on the global themes of health and well-being in cities, and local examples of interventions and policy analysis from Hong Kong and fourteen cities around the world.


Well-being in the Urban Age

Ricky Burdett, Wolfgang Nowak

Can Cities be Good for You?

Ricky Burdett, Myfanwy Taylor

Global Metropolitan Focus

Dynamics of Urbanisation

Antoine Paccoud

Measuring Metropolitan Well-being

Antoine Paccoud

Comparing Performance in Health, Education and Wealth

Antoine Paccoud

Measuring the Human Urban Footprint

Antoine Paccoud

Urban Age Cities Compared

LSE Cities

De-coding Hong-Kong

Disconnection in a Highly Connected City

Paul S. F. Yip

Conserving Hong Kong

Lynne DiStefano, Ho Yin Lee

The Costs and Benefits of High-Density Urban Living

Mike Kilburn, Christine K. W. Loh

Making a Happier Hong Kong

Lok Sang Ho

High-Density Living In Hong Kong

Anthony G. O. Yeh

Health in Hong Kong: An International Urban Perspective

Victor G. Rodwin

Hong Kong's spatial DNA

Jens Kandt

Mapping Social Determinants

Jens Kandt

Mapping Health Outcomes

Jens Kandt

High Density from the Ground

Joshua Bolchover

Living at Density: Voices of Hong Kong Residents

Sophia G. Chak, Cristina Inclan-Valadez, Phil Leung, Myfanwy Taylor, Paul S. F. Yip

Framing papers

The Determinants of Urban Healthy Equity

Sharon Friel

Movin’ On Up: Happiness and Urban Economics

Paul Dolan, Robert Metcalfe

Why complexity improves the quality of city life

Richard Sennett

Urban Stress and Mental Health

Mazda Adli

Healthy People in Modern Cities

Detlev Ganten

The Built Environment and Children's Well-being

Elizabeth Burton

Health and the Urban Poor

Ernestina Coast

Upgrading Dense Informal Settlements

David Satterthwaite

Learning from

Hong Kong's Housing Shame

Society for Community Organization

The Challenges of Being Open

Kee Seng Chia, C. K. Heng, K. C. Ho

Building Healthy Cities

Bingqin Li

High Urban Density and the Goal of a Healthy City

Tianqi Huang, Ling Huang, Jianfeng Xu

Urbanisation and Disease Patterns in Shanghai

Youde Gou

Spatial Access to Health Services in Shanghai

Yuan Ren

Urban Risk and Well-being in Tokyo

Takayuki Kubo

Rethinking African Urbanism from the Slum

Edgar Pieterse

The African Centre for Cities’ Healthy Cities CityLab

Warren Smit, Vanessa Watson

Urban Development in Maputo

Jørgen Eskemose Andersen, Paul Jenkins

Designing Density in Karachi

Arif Hasan

Primary Health Care

Hans Dohman

Neighbourhood-based Approaches to Poverty Concentration in Vancouver, British Columbia

Nathan Edelson

East Enders

Stephen O'Brien