Urban India: Understanding the Maximum City

Feature essays from local and international experts paired with extensive research on the social, economic and physical contours of the four largest metropolitan regions in India – Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi – document and analyse the region’s major urban trends. A detailed focus on Mumbai brings its urban growth into perspective with global trends to reframe how one of India’s largest and most dynamic cities is understood.

Urbanisation and India

India's Urban Shift

Deyan Sudjic

The Future of Indian Cities

Amitabh Kundu

Democracy in Urban India

K.C. Sivaramakrishnan

Urban Transport in Indian Cities

Geetam Tiwari

The Economics of Climate Change

Nicholas Stern

Cities and City Regions in Today’s Global Age

Saskia Sassen

A ‘Rule of Law’ for Cities

Gerald Frug

Focus on Mumbai

Uncovering the Myth of Urban Development

S. Parasuraman

A Matter of People

Darryl D'Monte

Maximum City

Suketu Mehta

Mumbai: The Compact Mega City

Philipp Rode

Remaking Mumbai

Rahul Mehrotra