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Delivering the next economy

Bruce Katz: We must embrace a bold vision for U.S. metropolitan regions that encourages them to leverage their assets and transition to a new economic growth model. Watch online.

Education system is broken

Richard Daley, Mayor of Chicago: Our education system is antiquated and broken. We need to create a “learning environment,” where an entire community helps teach its children. Watch online.

Extending Bush Tax Cuts Right Thing to Do

Michael Nutter, Mayor, Philadelphia: Extending the Bush tax cuts was the right thing for President Obama to do in order to continue certain programs such as payments for unemployed workers. Watch online.

California Pension Plans Must Be Changed

Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor, Los Angeles, CA: California‘s pension plans are draining state coffers and are unsustainable. Workers need to accept that these benefit packages will have to be changed. Watch online.

At the Dawn of New Industrial Revolution

Josef Ackermann, Deutsche Bank: We are standing at the dawn of a new industrial revolution and we must ready our economies to meet the challenges and opportunities of this new age. Watch online.

Need to Think About Urban Under Class

Ronald Daniels, President, Johns Hopkins University: As we think about how we’re going to plan for the future, we need to also think about the future of the urban under classes. Watch online.

Obama Administration Encourages Bottom Up Approach

Derek Douglas, White House Domestic Policy Council: The Obama administration encourages the “bottom up approach,” where state and local governments address issues in their own way. Watch online.

European, Asian Growth Learned from U.S.

Greg Clark, London School of Economics & Political Science: Much of the explosive growth many European and Asian countries are now experiencing is due to lessons they learned from decades of U.S. expansion. Watch online.

Recipient of Global Metro Award

Richard Daley, Mayor of Chicago: The Global Metro Award recognizes a career dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people of Chicago. Watch online.

Audio highlights

Welcome and Keynote addresses
Remarks by Michael Hogan, Strobe Talbott, Josef Ackermann

8 December 2010 Length: 34:15 Download audio file (27 MB)

Delivering the Next Economy
Remarks by Bruce Katz

8 December 2010 Length: 30:38 Download audio file (24 MB)

Response Discussion and Q&A, Moderated by Henry Cisneros
Ronald Daniels, Derek Douglas, Tadahiko Ishigaki, Dan'l Lewin and Saskia Sassen

8 December 2010 Length: 01:14:11 Download audio file (59 MB)

Metropolitan Economic Development
Remarks by Greg Clark

8 December 2010 Length: 26:41 Download audio file (21 MB)

Response Discussion and Q&A, moderated by Rickey Burdett
Remarks by Brad Whitehead, Jordi Williams Carnes, Chris Endresen, R.T. Rybak and Sergio Chiamparino

8 December 2010 Length: 57:41 Download audio file (46 MB)

Luncheon Remarks; Panel on Emerging Markets and Global Urbanization
Christopher Kennedy; Bruce Katz, Ricky Burdett, Joan Clos and Jose Serra

8 December 2010 Length: 31:09 Download audio file (25 MB)

A Conversation with Leading U.S. Mayors, chaired by Richard Stengel
Richard Daley, Michael Nutter and Antonio Villaraigosa

8 December 2010 Length: 44:08 Download audio file (35 MB)

Global Metro Award
Hon. Richard M. Daley, City of Chicago

8 December 2010 Length: 05:28 Download audio file (5 MB)