Monthly Archives: March 2017

Muhammad Adeel to present on resource urbanisms project in Paris

29 March 2017

On May 30 and 31, LSE Cities Research Officer Muhammad Adeel will discuss the ‘Resource Urbanisms’ research project at the Columbia University-led 6th Alliance Graduate Summer School in Science and Policy in Paris. He will also deliver a hands-on workshop on remote sensing with special emphasis on urban development. The wider focus of the event will be on research methods in sustainable development, with a particular focus on remote sensing, network analysis and high-resolution data. More information is available here.

Ricky Burdett publishes two new articles on infrastructure and urbanism

27 March 2017

Ricky Burdett, Director of LSE Cities and Urban Age, has published two articles relating to infrastructure and urbanism. The first on ‘Infrastructures of equality versus inequality’ is a transcript from a LafargeHolcim Foundation Conference on Infrastructure Space held in Detroit in April 2016; the second, published in March 2017 issue of  Arquitecture Viva, describes the context behind the Norman Foster Foundation’s initiative on the Droneport project launched at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Ricky Burdett discusses the future of London with Rowan Moore and Tony Travers

21 March 2017

Ricky Burdett, Director of LSE Cities and Urban Age, participated in yesterday’s LSE public event on architecture critic Rowan Moore’s new book Slow Burn City. Professor Burdett was a discussant with Tony Travers, and responded to Moore’s argument that London must change with a ‘slow’ burn through the interplay of private investment, public good and legislative action.

Cities Programme Director wins LSE teaching prize

17 March 2017

Suzanne Hall, Director of the Cities Programme, has won an LSE Teaching Prize. Suzanne, who was also recently promoted to Associate Professor in the Department  of Sociology (effective August 2017), was awarded the prize based on student reviews. Her recent works have included several academic papers and data profiles based on the Super-Diverse Streets project, an ESRC-funded research exploration of the intersections between city streets, social diversity and economic adaptations in the context of accelerated migration. For a full list of Suzanne’s work, see here.

New working paper published on privatisation in city government

14 March 2017

The City: Private or Public? is a new working paper by Harvard Law Professor Gerald Frug that analyses the conceptual, financial, and structural privatisation of city governments in the United States. The article focuses on city services, economic development, and the design of the city population, and provides two contrasting approaches, one embraced by the private city and the other by the public city. By doing so, it seeks to emphasise the different choices facing state governments when they empower and disempower city governments and to suggest what is at stake when these choices are made.

The full paper is available here (pdf) and is part of a collection of themed research papers assigned by the New Urban Governance project to leading academics based across the world.