Urban Mobility Transitions

Urban Mobility Transitions incorporates an urban living and mobility survey: Gauging scope for new forms of urban mobility in London and Berlin.

Urban Mobility Transitions incorporates an urban living and mobility survey: Towards New Urban Mobility. The case of London and Berlin. The study – conducted in collaboration with InnoZ Berlin – investigates current public attitudes about future alternative forms of travel with the aim to develop effective policy options to encourage sustainable travel by – for example – moving from the private car to cycling or shared mobility services and thereby facilitate the promotion of greener cities.

The study asks about behaviour and attitudes to mobility, urban living and digital technology use, in order to survey current patterns and gauge potential for future behaviour change. The foundation of the project is an in-depth phone interview survey of 1,000 residents, representative of the metropolitan regions of London and Berlin. The focus on new trends in urban mobility and the international comparison perspective of the study is the main novel contribution of the research project. Analysis has now been undertaken of the data, with the validation, general overview, and clustering of behaviour groups.


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