Department of Geography and Environment
The Department has major specialities within the economic, development, urban, regional planning and environmental social science aspects of geography, all with a strong emphasis on application and on policy issues, with many members of staff active in LSE's research programmes. The Department offers several urban-themed masters' and PhD programmes.
Department of Government
The Department's activities cover a comprehensive range of approaches to the study of politics, including ethnic conflict, nationalism, political economy, elections and electoral systems, political parties, public opinion, rational choice theory, public administration and public policy, and often involve collaboration with other departments and institutes in the School including the Department of Geography and Environment.
Department of Social Policy
The issues covered by the Department include health, social services, education, social security, housing, crime and criminal justice, youth policy and problems posed by poverty, social exclusion and globalisation. The Department houses the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, a multi-disciplinary research centre focusing on the exploration of different dimensions of social disadvantage, particularly from longitudinal and neighbourhood perspectives, and examination of the impact of public policy.
Department of Sociology
The Department hosts LSE Cities, an international research centre at LSE that carries out research, education and outreach activities in London and abroad. The Cities Programme is the postgraduate education branch of LSE Cities, dedicated to the understanding of contemporary urban society. Its central objective is to relate physical structure to the social structure of cities, and it offers an MSc and PhD programme within the Sociology Department. An Executive MSc in Cities and short courses are also offered to urban professionals.