Research centres and projects

Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE)
Research on social exclusion. Research programmes include LSE Housing and Communities, a research and consultancy group developing practical programmes of action and training for residents of poor neighbourhoods, and Weak Market Cities.
Cities@Geography is the Cities Cluster at the Department of Geography and Environment, bringing together a key group of staff in the Department with research and teaching interests relevant to understanding the contemporary city.
LSE Cities
LSE Cities is an international centre that carries out research, education, outreach and advisory activities in the urban field. Supported by Deutsche Bank, LSE Cities builds on the interdisciplinary work of the Urban Age and focuses on how the design of cities impacts on society, culture and the environment. The Urban Age programme is an international investigation of the spatial and social dynamics of cities, centred on an annual conference, research initiative and publication, jointly organised with Deutsche Bank's Alfred Herrhausen Society.
LSE London
A centre of research excellence on the economic and social issues of the London region, as well as the problems and possibilities of other urban and metropolitan regions.
Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)
SERC is based at LSE. The Centre is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council; the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills; the Department of Communities and Local Government, and the Welsh Assembly Government. The Centre aims to provide high quality independent research to deepen our understanding of why some regions, cities and communities prosper, whilst others fare less well. It also aims to influence and improve policy decision-making at the national and local levels.