Theatrum Mundi

Theatrum Mundi is a new urban forum. It seeks to understand what brings life to a city, particularly in its public places and asks how these might be better designed.

Theatrum Mundi is a professional network of urbanists and artists in different cities. The collective consists of academics, architects, planners, performing and visual artists. The aim is to stimulate discussion about practices spanning stage and street. The dialogue between art and society has long produced surprising results in both domains; we want to carry this discussion forward within the diverse contexts of contemporary urban life.

These surprising results are often practical. And yet, while Theatrum Mundi encourages and hopes to stimulate these practical outcomes, its role is that of a provocateur and enabler where ideas that link art and urbanism can be discussed and debated.

Theatrum Mundi began in 2012. Currently it is based in London and New York, with partnerships and projects in Frankfurt, Berlin, Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro. However, these sites inform a broad scope of activities that hopes to spread and share across a wide network and diverse geographies. It organises workshops for small groups, ‘salons’ which are slightly larger discussions, conferences for the public, exhibitions and research.


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