Theatrum Mundi

Theatrum Mundi is a professional network of urbanists and artists that offers a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion about practices relating to cultural and public space in the city. It is now an independent charity based at Somerset House.

Theatrum Mundi (TM) was founded and based at LSE Cities since 2012 by Richard Sennett, Professor of Sociology at the LSE and New York University. It is a network that forges links between people from the performing and visual arts and those working within built environment disciplines. TM has since October 2017 been established as an independent charitable organisation and is now based at Somerset House.

During TM’s time at LSE Cities it brought together collaborators in diverse settings across the world – workshops, competitions, intimate discussion and public debate – to afford challenging, vulnerable provocation between thinkers and practitioners addressing the condition, inequalities, and design-politics of urban culture. Its aim was to invigorate city-making and its relation to culture in the twenty-first century.

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