City transformations

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The twentieth century saw an acceleration in the process of urbanisation, of a speed and pace of change that outstripped the genteel and planned expansion of Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and even London in the previous century. This process has accelerated even further since 2000, completely transforming the physiognomy of some cities in response to profound changes in global economic and social trends.

Rio de Janeiro stands out today as a city that is embracing change and undergoing profound transformation. As such, it provides the ideal setting for an informed debate on the impacts of city transformations across the globe. This is why the Urban Age, an international investigation of cities jointly organised by the London School of Economics and Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society, has chosen to hold its twelfth conference in this unique Brazilian city that is both investing and reflecting on the long-term impacts of such intense urban change.

Over 70 speakers from 40 cities and 20 countries will be joining local urban experts, policymakers, investors, NGOs and academics to discuss these issues, with a view to improving our understanding of how to design, manage and live in more equitable urban

Ricky Burdett, Director, the Urban Age and LSE Cities, London School of Economics

Thomas Matussek, Managing Director, Alfred Herrhausen Society, the international forum of Deutsche Bank

Accelerated city transformations | Transformações celeradas da cidade

Ricky Burdett, Savvas Verdis

Unfinished Cities | Cidades inacabadas

Deyan Sudjic

The right to the city | O direito à cidade

David Harvey

Mega-projects in New York, London and Amsterdam | Megaprojetos em Nova York, Londres e Amsterdã

Susan S. Fainstein

Learning to fall in love | Aprendendo a se apaixonar

Edgar Pieterse

Efficient or Sociable Cities? | Cidades eficientes ou sociáveis?

Richard Sennett

The Static and the Kinetic | A estática e a cinética

Rahul Mehrotra

Buses: not sexy but the only solution | Ônibus: não são atraentes, mas são a única solução

Enrique Peñalosa

Cities as an Act of Will | As cidades como um ato de vontade

Andy Altman

Learning from Rio

The paradoxes of inequality | Os paradoxos das desigualdades e paradoxos

Luiz E. Soares

Close, yet far | Junto e separado

Fabiana Izaga, Sérgio Magalhães

Work has only just begun | O trabalho está apenas começando

Julia Michaels

In the Violent Favelas of Brazil | Nas violentas favelas do Brasil

Suketu Mehta

Self, Community and Urban Frontiers in Rio de Janeiro | Esclarecendo a Psicologia das Cidades

Sandra Jovchelovitch


Rio de Janeiro: the forgotten mix of city and metropolis or periphery of urban regeneration | Rio de Janeiro: a cidade-metrópole esquecida ou periferia da regeneração urbana

Luiz Cesar de Queiroz Ribeiro

Relocating homes and lives in Rio’s Olympic city

Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia

Four Decades of Urbanization of Slums in Rio de Janeiro

Antônio Augusto Veríssimo

Rethinking Olympic Infrastructure

Judith Grant Long